Technical Data:

  • • Stainless steel case  48,5 mm
  • • Mineral glass
  • • Manual winding movement of the former company Durowe from Pforzheim
  • • Weight approx. 60,6 g



At Bethge, the artist Fritz Theilmann was extensively studied. After the Seggeluhr was successfully placed on the market, the idea for the 250th anniversary of the Goldstadt Pforzheim was to design another clock with the motif of the artist Fritz Theilman with reference to Goldstadt. It was the Rassler clock. It should not only be "Made In Germany" but "Made in Pforzheim".


50 works from the fifties of the former manufacturer Durowe from Pforzheim are used as a highlight.



„Rassler" are the predecessors of today's professionalists because of their nagging soles in the narrow alleyways that made a noisy sound that did not always sound sweet in the ears of the locals before the start of the work and after the end of the evening Pforzheim has always been the center of a wide area, thanks to its geographical location, it was quite natural that the new entrepreneurs in the jewelry industry quickly moved into the workforce from the surrounding area.